Part Details:

  • Model: FXR Super Glide II EA
  • Year: 1982
  • Part list: Wheel front wheel assembly w brake disk
  • Part number: 23
  • OEM number: #222
  • Description: CLEVIS PIN
  • Package: 1
  • Average price: 2 USD
  • Referral # : 1 (check diagram for referral #, get microfiche diagram)

Where can I get CLEVIS PIN ?

If you look after new or branded parts the best choice is: JP Cycles They have the largest selection and availability of Harley Davidson genuine parts, Period! You can search through the site either by keywords: (CLEVIS PIN) and OEM#: 222...use the search box on top right corner for that OR you can search by model (FXR Super Glide II EA) and year(1982) use drop down menu for selection on left side. All orders above 99 USD are shipped FREE of charge and you have a 120 day return policy. They have great prices and excellent, top rated customer service (world wide shipping).

Full Boar Exhaust Angle Cut Slip-On Muffler w

Full Boar Exhaust Angle Cut Slip-On Muffler w for Harley

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Otherwise if you look for after market Harley Davidson genuine parts, big forums like or subreddits ( is the way to go. Make sure that you use descriptive keywords when you post to community forums, members will more often recognize Harley parts as keywords: CLEVIS PIN then just OEM numbers. This way you will for sure receive more responds to your thread.

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